Results of the 2021 Toki Pona census

Go here for a list of pointers to resources mentioned in the census.

Art: David Revoy,

How is the Toki Pona community? Who is interested in Toki Pona? Up to now we could only guess but we were really as much in the dark as the character above. Fret not! You are about to see.

April 23, 2021. The Toki Pona census is released. After about a month and a half it was closed with almost 1000 responses. It was made possible by a hard-working team. A big shout-out to everyone that helped make this a reality: the creators of the census (especially jan Sonatan, jan Olipija and jan Tamalu), the translators, people that suggested questions, the beta-testers and everyone that filled and shared the questionnaire a! tenpo ni la lipu sona ni li lon tan sina a! We want this: this flat of information feels good toward you!

Things to know before jumping to the results:

  • For every question there are two graphs. The first one contains results from all the responses. The second one contains the information from the people that responded using Toki Pona only. Note that the first graph includes the Toki Pona respondents too.

  • Some questions allowed to select multiple answers. Such questions have “(MA)” in its title. Take into account that, for those questions, the percentages of the bars add up to more than 100%.

  • All questions were optional, but the first one. Each graph tells the number of respondents for each question.

  • Free-text answers have been randomly shuffled, but they are grouped by language, following the order of the “toki seme?” question.

  • In small screens some labels could be hidden or incomplete. You can tap/click on the graphs to reveal the missing info.


Language used

Most people used the English version of the form. A bit more than 10% used the Toki Pona version. Some languages could have been used more but one has to take into account that some translations only came after the census was released (Chinese, French, Esperanto).

Sections filled

We allowed to leave the census after any section. Most people filled the whole form. In a couple of languages, the form was originally wrong so there were ~2-5 people that wanted to leave after some section and had to continue to the end manually. This issue was fixed promptly. These are the data of the sections that were filled

Toki Pona ability

Do you consider you know Toki Pona?

The form was made so anyone with any level of Toki Pona could respond (even if they heard about Toki Pona the day before, or if they were in the process of learning it). So perhaps not surprisingly, around 1/3 of people selected “No” for this question. But, of course, everyone among the Toki Pona respondents considers they know Toki Pona.

Toki Pona level

The level of ability varies a lot. You can spot sort of a normal distribution here. As expected, it is biased towards a greater level for people that responded using the Toki Pona version, with 85% of them saying that at least they can Toki Pona. And 24% said that they can express anything in Toki Pona.

How often is Toki Pona used?

The frequency of use also varies a lot, but around 1/2 of people use Toki Pona at least once a week. This was around 2/3 for people responding in Toki Pona.

Toki Pona skills

Listening, conversation and speaking were the weakest reported skills. Speaking is considered easier than listening.

Why do people learn Toki Pona?

The main reason for learning Toki Pona was to have fun by learning it and using it. A perhaps strikingly 36% of people wanted to gain philosophical insights. Take into account that this question allowed to select multiple answers.

+ friends were learning it too
+ Secret language between friends
+ French class was boring
+ I find it interesting
+ Mental health benefits
+ I heard of it from jan Misali
+ I was interested in the toki pona community. (thanks jan Misali!)
+ My friends were learning it and I didn't want to be left out
+ For use in personal rituals
+ my boyfriend loves toki pona and kept saying I should give it a try
+ Jan Misali's Conlang Critic
+ I encountered it randomly and decided that I wanted to try something new.
+ I like learning languages but am impatient when it comes to learning vocab and grammar and just want to get into conversation/translation practice, which is feasible with Toki Pona
+ I wanted to know a simple language which I could use as a niche lingua franca
+ It had a low vocabulary, and I thought, if I can learn this, I can learn a real language, right? Umm, I know less than half of toki pona vocabulary...
+ Friend introduced me
+ I have heard that learning a language makes it easier to learn others, so learning the easiest language to learn seems like a decent strategy
+ Hearing about the community made me want to take part in it
+ Wanted to learn a langauge that felt easy, since i am strugling with japanese
+ after learning "real" langs, I wanted to see how easy it is to learn a conlang
+ I heard of it from jan Misali
+ conlangs are fun
+ I enjoy conlangs casually
+ i thought it seemed like a really cool and cute language
+ its pona
+ why not lol
+ I wanted to use it as a shorthand for note taking
+ I like languages and I thought this would be
+ toki pona li lili
+ I became interested in conlanging as a whole. mi wile sona mute e toki pali.
+ I know friends who know TP.
+ I wanted to learn Japanese, and Toki Pona is a semi good introduction to grammar particles. Also, the toki pona community is kinda a ok with nb folk, so it was the right fit for me as a safe space.
+ I wanted to do something fun with my best friend
+ sitelen sitelen
+ I wanted to talk to people and meet new friends
+ Curiosity, someone invited me to the Toki Pona server
+ Family wanted to learn it
+ I wasnt really trying to learn it, I was interested in toki pona in theory and after a while I realized I had learnt pretty much
+ It's easy
+ ADHD Hyperfixation
+ I want to train my brain to think deeply to what I say
+ I'm another one of those IAL people, lol
+ soko Tejopilu's influence
+ I wanted me and friends to have a code language. (This didn't pan out—I still don't know anyone who speaks it other than myself.)
+ "I wanted to be part of something," whatever the younger version of me meant
+ The premise seemed so absurd that I had to know if it worked
+ Mando'a better
+ I needed to create a simple language and found that someone had already done it.
+ i just felt like it lmao
+ it looked cute
+ Redcurrant hyperfocus 😳
+ seemed like a cool language
+ i was interested in conlanging
+ My friend group is composed of 4 bilingual/trilingual people but the only language we had in common was English, so I proposed we learn toki pona together!
+ to make a role-playing game
+ I wanted to learn and understand kulupu jan tenpo
+ I think it's a beautiful language
+ I was curious
+ Fascinated by conlangs, monolingual and dissatisfied with that
+ I wanted to learn sitelen sitelen
+ for fun with a friend
+ I like conlangs
+ I wanted to feel the sense of acomplishment. And learning this language seemed like a simple one.
+ It was recommended to me
+ Gender!
+ 1. The language itself is interesting. 2. The community seems really cool and fun and I love the idea of having a language all to ourselves >:)
+ I was already trilingual (eng, fr, esp), but wanted to see how learning toki pona woulf affect my understanding of my other languages. Additionally, I would like to learn an afro-asiatic language and thought toki pona would be able to function as an inbetween while I dont have the time to start something like mandarin or bantu.
+ I like learning languages
+ I stubled across jan Pije's website and got interested in what it was.
+ Big fan of conlangs
+ I like conlangs
+ Get inspiration for my art
+ I am into conlangs
+ Because I know other people who are speaking toki pona
+ I use Toki Pona with autistic pupils
+ A good friend learned it recently and told me about it. I was interested!
+ A youtuber told me it was worth learning
+ I wanted to learn how to learn a language.
+ I wanted to have access to another way of formulating this minimalistically
+ Toki Pona is moderately useful within the Esperanto community due to the amount of tokiponists in that community.
+ one of my friends put the ma pona link in a server we're both in but she didn't know toki pona so some people in that server decided to try to learn toki pona
+ I wanted to be like astrodonunt
+ I was bored in quarentine lol
+ I wanted to get ideas for my own conlanging
+ I wanted to speak it with acquaintances who also spoke toki pona
+ Wanted to haughtily but truthfuully claim I learned a new language before the pandemic ended
+ i wanted to learn an easy conlang
+ I wanted to simplify my thoughts and improve my mental health
+ better understand how language works
+ I thought trying to learn a language with almost no vocabulary might help me figure out if I generally had issues learning languages/grammar since I have plateaued in my other language studies, and my friend got into it and occasionally posts or retweets toki pona so it seemed fun.
+ I'm into conlanging
+ I come across a lot of toki pona from Esperanto groups so I figured I might as well learn some
+ I hated English (native) and wanted to learn another language quickly.
+ Sitelen Sitelen aesthetics
+ I wanted to understand conlangs
+ friend
+ I thought that a simple language would be a useful basis for my linguistic expirements
+ I like the idea of a language with a really small amount of words, and it seems really easy to learn
+ I wanted to learn a conlang with an active community and Toki Pona seemed the most fun
+ I would like to write songs on Toki Pona to explore the possibilities of expression in the language
+ Understanding conlangs
+ (individual) school project
+ I liked the way it sounded
+ I like small vocabularies
+ nerd cred
+ I wanted to gain linguistic insights
+ liked the minimalism
+ Friends
+ I'm interested in linguistics and love the idea of a minimal vocabulary!
+ Conlangs are fucking awesome
+ It was an interesting to see what the language was like, and sounded like it would be a fun way to spend an evening to learn it.
+ Exploring different conlang communities
+ Using in creative writing
+ Im sad
+ sitelen tawa pi jan Misali li musi tawa mi
+ tan pali e pona lon lawa. (ni li Sapir-Whorf anu seme?)
+ tenpo mute pini la, jan pona mi li pana e sona pi toki pona
+ mi pilin e ni: kulupu pi toki pona li pona mute
+ tenpo pini mute la mi kama sona e toki Losi, li ken ala (tenpo ni la mi ken). jan mute li toki e "sina ken kama sona e toki pona kepeken tenpo lili en pali lili". tan ni tu la mi kama sona e ona.
+ mi la, nasin lawa pi toki pona li pona pona
+ tenpo pini la mi kama sona e toki pona tan ni: sina ken kama sona e ona tan tenpo lili.
+ kama sona pi toki pona la, jan pona mi toki e mi. kama sona la, toki pona li wile kepeken e toki tawa jan ali. mi olin e nasin ni.
+ mi wile sona e jan pona sin
+ toki pona li nasin sin pi pona sona li nasin sin pi pana sona. mi pilin e ni: kepeken toki pona la mi ken mute e sona pi jan ale pi sona toki
+ mi wile pali e kalama musi pi toki pona
+ toki pona li pona tawa lawa la jan li ken kama sona e ona kepeken tenpo lili
+ pali en nasin pi toki pona li pona tawa mi
+ jan pona mi li wile kama sona e toki sin kepeken pali lili. mi kama sona lon poka ona.
+ jan pona mi li kama sona. mi wile pali sama
+ toki ni li pona li pona e lawa mi
+ ...this should probably include something about the language's philosophy?
+ mi wile pali e toki sin sama toki pona en toki ante pi pali jan
+ mi wile sona e nasin toki pi nimi lili
+ mi wile sona e nasin ante sona e nasin ante pilin
+ jan Misali
+ mi wile toki tawa jan pi toki pona
+ mi lukin e sitelen pi toki pona tan jan Misali. ona li pona tawa mi, li pana e wile sona tawa mi
+ Youtube
+ Hablar con mi sobrino
+ entenderme con gente con la que no compartiera ningún otro idioma
+ Era muy vago para aprender un idioma normal
+ Quería participar en una comunidad abierta a todo el mundo
+ Mi hermano me lo enseño y nos encanto a los dos
+ me encanta y simlpemente es divertido
+ Ich bin Autist und habe hin und wieder Schwierigkeiten, meine Gedankengänge zu ordnen.
+ занятная головоломка
+ В качестве отличного упражнения для изучения других языков. Очень привлек sitelen sitelen.
+ ćwiczyć umysł na starość
+ J'ai commencé apprendre le toki pona parce que je voulais m'amusez, mais j'ai arrêté et je recommençais parce qu'une amie savait le toki pona et voulait que j'apprends et lui parle dans la langue.
+ Mi volis pliboniĝi miajn ideojn
+ akcidente lernis tralegante gramatikon

When did people start learning Toki Pona?

Oh, this one is an exciting one. The data seem to indicate that the community is growing exponentially, doubling with each year. Part of this phenomenon could be due to the fact that people that learned Toki Pona more recently hang out more in the communities and have a much higher chance of responding the census. However, people have indeed independently observed an exponential increase in the number of people that are engaged with toki pona. For instance, this Reddit post shows the exponential increase in the number of people following the subreddit /r/tokipona.

Around 79% of respondents started learning Toki Pona for the first time in 2019 or later. 2020 is more than twice more represented than 2019. Also, despite of the fact that 2021 is not nearly finished, people that started learning Toki Pona in 2021 are about as many as the people of 2020. A bit less than half a year passed when the census was closed, so it is expected that 2021 ends up having at least the double of the people that started learning in 2020. This growth is not so huge for people that responded in Toki Pona but still around 62% of people said they started learning in 2019 or later.

Below we have the same graph but in log scale. In this graph, a growth at the pace of a straight line means an exponential increase. One can appreciate how the data grow like a line since at least 2012.

Community and Toki Pona

Do people own pu?

Slightly less than 50% of people own pu. More people among the group of Toki Pona respondents own pu.

Non-pu words?

Around three out of ten people report using pu words only and around 2/3 say that they use a few non-pu words (non-pu meaning of kin, tonsi, kijetesantakalu…). The percentage of people using non-pu words was higher for the Toki Pona segment.

Teaching Toki Pona

People like to teach Toki Pona! Around 37% of people said to have taught Toki Pona to other people (100% minus percentage of people that responded with a “No”).

+ Working on a Discord bot to teach me and my friends Toki Pona vocabulary!
+ Yes, I wrote an educational article about Toki Pona on my blog
+ I teach mando'a, does that count?
+ In person, but only a word or two
+ A little
+ It'd be fun to teach it to my infant son (his mom speaks Armenian and he's learning that already).
+ I had the most time in my learning group, so I helped the others out
+ sort of taught someone
+ No but I want to when I find someone willing to learn it
+ helped others to learn
+ I've helped other people and explained aspects of toki pona, but I haven't taught someone from 0 to 100.
+ I am learning concurrently with a friend. We teach each other.
+ No, I tried telling people but a lot of them weren't interested :(
+ I have tried lmao
+ Planning to make one for Norwegian speakers, but I need to know the language a little better first.
+ I want to teach my siblings. mi wile li pana e sona li tawa e jan sama pi mi.
+ I told a few people about it
+ worked on my own toki pona family conlang
+ Im in the process of convincing some friends to learn it with me.
+ I wanted to, but they lost interest.
+ I am not fluent but I have encouraged others to learn.
+ a few acclarations over text, iirc
+ I make occasional video shitposts in which i translate memes into toki pona and i'm sure at least one person got interested and learnt more
+ Small examples to try to get friends interested.
+ No, but I have tried introducing others to it, and would like to teach it in future.
+ No, but damn if i didn't try
+ (note that I haven't taught the entirety of toki pona to any one person, just bits here and there)
+ I tried but never fully involved them
+ above stuff only holds for a few absolute basics of Toki Pona
+ Helping out people on FB group Toki Pona Learners' Club
+ Website
+ tenpo ni la mi pana ala. taso mi wile pana.
+ mi pana e sona lon Wellness Center
+ pali mi la mi pana e sona pi toki Inli. taso mi wile pali kin e nasin pi toki pona li pana e sona pi toki pona kepeken nasin ni.
+ tenpo pini ijo la mi pini pi kama sona pi toki pona e jan wan pi mi sona.
+ Lo intenté, pero se rindieron.
+ Niemand in meinem Bekanntenkreis ist daran interessiert. 😞
+ Mail
+ 한국어로 된 도기보나 학습 자료를 만들고 있습니다.
+ kurso en Esperanto-kongreso

How people learned Toki Pona

12 days of Toki Pona by jan Misali gets the award to the resource that was used the most for learning. And by a margin. jan pona mi o, we are in the video era of the internet a! pu and jan Pije’s course were used a lot by the respondents, too. In the free text option, people indicated many things. The most mentioned ones were Memrise and Anki, which we have clustered in the graph. People mentioned to have used Memrise courses by jan Sonja, solpahi, and jan Kalupana.

+ podcasts, youtube videos
+ "A Formal Grammar for Toki Pona" by Z. Tomaszewski
+ Quizlet sets taught me vocab
+ the conlang critic discord server
+, Wikipedia.
+ Accessed my core's memories
+ I used an iPhone app developed by Martin Voigt
+ one of them ones y'all put up there but I can't remember which
+ I haven't learnt Toki Pona, but I read most of Sonja's book like a year ago
+ I used a variety of sources for the grammar,, I used a quizlet
+ online video's, wikipedia, a pdf which summarized the language
+ Drilled the vocabulary, then used jan Pije’s course, then read The Life of Merlin
+ flashcard memorization
+ Taught myself using images, then learnt grammar using a youtube course :)
+ via creating, using Discord bot "ilo wawa"
+ toki pona pal app
+ conlang critic server
+ A Russian translation of jan Pije's course
+ Internet
+ a bit on lipu Wesi
+ I haven’t learnt it yet
+ A Toki Pona app on Google Play. Mostly for vocabulary. Grammar is hard for me.
+ the web page
+ Course in 17 lessons (French)
+ ConLang Critic
+ online game on, I don't remember the creator, but I'm sure you know what I am thinking of
+ Mando'a
+ A course on Tinycards
+ Using the r/tokipona14days subreddit of u/AetherCrux
+ subreddit
+ The Language Sloth Discord Server
+ I originally used neocities to begin, then i taught myself, then i used pu to improve
+ flashcards of the 120 words
+ Chuff TP videos
+ toki pona complete on memrise
+ Directly from Sonja, lament in the IRC chat room
+ tomo toki, lipu tenpo discord server (jan Sonja should know of them)
+ Sonja Lang
+ the pdf cheatsheet
+ The cheatsheet
+ Various toki pona dictionaries
+ reading random materials on it
+ self programmed trainings, telegram chats
+ Still looking for other sources so will use this list!
+ Asking questions/receiving critiques on
+ I'm learning by just translating random sentences with an online dictionary next to me
+ presentation by jan Eliki
+ then picked up grammar from various sources.
+ Online flash cards, learning tools
+ A pdf file with lessons
+ An app on IOS
+ a tinycards deck for sitelen pona
+ nasin sona musi by JamesMoulang was an amazing website I used after jan misali's course
+ self directed (flash cards for vocab, googling grammer I didn't know)
+ Looking it up in various disjoint places
+ I found a course on internet made by a french guy
+ pre-pu
+ Online dictionaries, conversing with people about it
+ And I'm using other resources that come up on Google searches.
+ My brother
+ The toki pona dictionary:
+ pana sona pi toki pona tawa jan pona mi
+ lipu „kama sona e toki pona“. Tenpo lon la ona li weka.
+ kepeken lipu pi jan Sonja, kepeken kulupu Siko, kepeken lipu pi lan Lope, kepeken ijo mute ante...
+ mi kama sona e nimi pi toki pona kepeken sitelen pona
+ lipu len pi toki ante tawa toki pona (tenpo mute la, glosbe, jprogr,
+ kepeken lipu nimi mute lon ilo sona
+ kama kulupu Ijoko lon ma tomo Salajewo li jo e tenpo pi pana sona
+ flashcards
+ tenpo pini la mi lukin e sitelen tawa. ni li pana e sona pi toki pona.
+ kulupu toki pi ilo toki Telekan li pana e sona mute tawa mi
+ Omniglot? li tenpo pini pini la mi sona ala
+ mi pilin e ni: mi pini pi kama sona e toki pona. mi kepeken e nasin pi open pi kama sona lon lipu pi kon sona.
+ kepeken e toki pona li ante e sitelen lon ona
+ glosbe, lipu lili tan pu
+ Un libro digital sobre el toki pona
+ Tarjetas de Quizlet con el vocabulario, Reddit, Discord para la gramática, práctica
+ web courses
+ Mi hermano me lo enseño
+ Tatoeba
+ Wiki + diccionario
+ UCTeam etimología del toki pona, jProgr diccionario de toki pona
+ discord
+ Foren, Youtube, Facebook
+ учебник на википедии классный, вроде это перевод курса йан Пийе, но не помню точно
+ Russian Wikibooks course
+ kulupu pi toki pon api ma anku (kakaotalk)
+ kulupu pi toki pon api ma anku (kakaotalk)
+ pamiętam, że czytałem kiedy pierwszy raz usłyszałem o toki ponie kilka lat temu, ale nic z tego nie pamiętam. nie jestem pewny, czy to pisać czy nie, ale napiszę
+ wikibook
+ Leçons de toki pona (L. Vogel)
+ La kurso de jan Lentan, Neocities


Discord and Reddit were the most represented communities, which makes sense because they are the ones with more people. Note the overlap is high among those two. Facebook, Telegram and Twitter follow.

+ Signal (private group chat of local friends)
+ Lipu tenpo discord
+ matrix(ma pona pi toki pona)
+ technically others as well, but I'm inactive
+ irl communities with friends
+ Fediverse
+ non-English groups
+ Mastodon,
+ None
+ tandem
+ I speak it with a friend
+ None
+ whatsapp
+ Mando'a
+ a couple of private ones with my friends
+ 2 friends learned with me, although not as thoroughly as me
+ I don't participate in communities much.
+ None
+ urbit
+ Kakaotalk (toki pona chatting)
+ mastodon and the fediverse have quite a few people willing to chat in Toki Pona
+ ala
+ mi toki tawa jan ante lon ma tomo mi.
+ mi lon kulupu ni ala.
+ o kute e kalama pi tomo lipu
+ mi kama pali e kulupu pi toki pona lon ma poka mi
+ lipu wasolaso
+ ilo Wasa (Whatsapp)
+ tenpo pini la mi lon ma pona pi toki pona
+ Ninguna
+ Nuestra casa
+ Mastodon
+ mastodon...? (mam, ale nie wiem, gdzie jest ta społeczność)
+ Neniuj

Particles - head nouns

Unsurprisingly, most people use jan as head nouns before their names. There is a non-insignificant number of people using other head nouns.

+ nanpa
+ This list is inspiring me to start using ones other than jan 🤔
+ I have not decided
+ ale
+ kule (epiku)
+ I didnt know people did ones other than jan lol
+ I didn't realize this was a thing until right now so I might pick one later
+ seli, alasa, pilin, moli, pali, ala, sin /gen
+ ala
+ Too dumb to know what any of that means
+ tonsi, and monsuta
+ ike
+ kili
+ lawa
+ mama
+ mije
+ poki, telo, suno, lipu, and len for my object headmates
+ opasan
+ kili
+ I haven't referred to myself yet.
+ do y'all really be calling yourself "plant Name?" i knew the community was falling but good god y'all need Buddha
+ Not advanced enough to use head nouns
+ kapesi
+ Mando'a
+ Kajalrojali
+ sometimes “kule”
+ I started reading the book then stopped
+ lili
+ pan
+ jan soweli
+ I use kala solely as a reference to my avatar, realistically I see myself as a jan
+ toki wawa
+ soko
+ I used the name "b" without any head nouns once.
+ wan
+ ala
+ kili
+ soko
+ ala
+ pan
+ kili
+ monsuta
+ pan
+ idk
+ ko
+ jan soweli
+ misa
+ tonsi
+ soko
+ palisa jelo
+ mi kepeken e nimi pi toki Inli taso.
+ lukin
+ kili
+ tonsi
+ wawa
+ kili
+ ma, ma tomo, telo, mun, suno, lipu, toki
+ nie wiem w sumie, jeszcze nie korzystałem, bo jeszcze się uczę
+ J'utilise musi autre, par example "musi Minecraft"

Toki Pona media

Memes in /r/mi_lon were the most common Toki Pona media to be consumed, followed closely by Toki Pona songs and Toki Pona videos. lipu tenpo and lipu kule were two other great sources of media consumed. Interestingly enough, specially taking into account that they are projects that were born around the same time, lipu tenpo was around twice as popular as lipu kule.

+ meme's from ma pona pi toki pona
+ other translated stories (kipo, etc)
+ nasin suli pi,jan Melin ( la longue vie de Merlin )
+ I want to know a bit more the language before
+ jan lawa lili
+ seme li sin
+ I follow some people on Instagram and Twitter that communicate in toki pona
+ kulupu 👏 jan 👏 tenpo 👏
+ Poems
+ just good ol' kulupu jan tenpo 😤
+ seme li sin
+ The Noita and Minecraft toki pona series
+ pepper & carrot
+ I watched a livestream once, but I mostly get memes etc from twitter or tumblr.
+ Have not got this far yet
+ johnathan gabel or however you spell it tomo sona pi sitelen pona
+ Once I learn more I will look into consuming more media
+ translated prayers
+ Mando'a
+ seme li sin news channel
+ jan Pepa & soweli Kawa
+ Random webpages
+ I have consumed little TP media, because all of what I have encountered has been unenjoyable.
+ Not technically (can't read sitelen sitelen) but the comic with an alien skater in sitelen sitelen. Also some Pepper and Carrot.
+ jan Misali
+ moku pona
+ meli lili pi len loje
+ toki musi pi jan Sotan. toki musi mute ante lon kulupu Jutu.
+ nasin pi jan mute pi ma sike la, kama sona e toki pali li nasin nasa anu seme? tan ni: mi wile e nena pi "nasin nasa"
+ "kulupu pi toki musi" lon ilo Jutu. lon la ona li 'sitelen tawa pi toki pona.' taso mi wile toki e ona :>
+ r/tokiponaunpa
+ twitter accounts in toki pona
+ lo que sea que me encuentre
+ Ich konsumiere keine Toki Pona Medien
+ Diverse andere, Rotkäppchen, Der kleine Prinz...
+ Ich konsumiere keine Toki Pona Medien
+ Tumblr
+ jan Pepa&​soweli Kawa перевод первой главы Тинтина.

Writing systems

As expected, regarding writing systems almost everyone uses and prefers to use the Latin alphabet. There was a significant amount of people that prefers to use sitelen pona. Maybe shockingly there were a few people that marked that sitelen sitelen is a preferred/greatly used option. It seems that sitelen Emoji is almost as widely known as sitelen sitelen. Note that some people responded to some of these questions only and not to others. The length of each bar differs a bit, indicating the total number of respondents for each option.

Sign languages of Toki Pona

Almost nobody knows any sign language of Toki Pona, although around half of the people are interested in learning some.

About you!


Around half of the people responding were under 20, and around a third are in their 20s. Note that most bars specify a range of 10 years but we asked about the 20s by using two ranges. Interestingly, people that responded using Toki Pona tend to be older.


Around half of the people responding are from North America and around one third are from Europe. The next most represented regions were Asia, Oceania and South America. This doesn’t mean an overwhelming majority of people that know Toki Pona live in North America or Europe, just that the respondents were from these places.


Perhaps surprisingly, more people reported their gender is tonsi than people specifying meli. There were many more mije than anything else. Note this was a multiple answer question so the percentages add up to more than 100%.

+ intergender (cis-intersex)
+ its complicated
+ ike
+ Genderfae and Transgender mtf
+ might be trans
+ none
+ gender scary AAAAAA
+ Still figuring it out. I think I'm female but thats not what I was born with, so mi sona ala
+ lesbian
+ demimale, maleflux, gnc but not tonsi
+ I've been to girls' schools. jaki aaaaaa
+ Attack helicopter
+ My pronouns are she/her and they/them
+ genderqueer
+ I use the term "genderflux," more specifically "boyflux," meaning my gender fluctuates in intensity, between male and agender and everything in between.
+ i don't know if i'm agender or not
+ half ace half gay (i think)
+ genderflux
+ Genderqueer
+ ale - pansexual
+ ilo
+ sijelo mi li mije. tenpo pi mute meso la mi pilin mije. taso tenpo ante la mi ken pilin mije pi wawa lili. tenpo ante ante la mi ken pilin mije ala. taso tenpo ala la mi pilin meli anu tonsi. tenpo mute la pilin pi kule mi li wawa lili taso anu wawa ala taso. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ tenpo lon la mi awen kama sona pona e kule mi.
+ jan
+ ken la mi li tonsi. mi pilin e ni: mi li kon telo
+ tonsi meli
+ indico tonsi no como no binario o como género en sí, sino como a que soy un hombre trans
+ je suis une femme transgenre
+ Transgenrulino


Atheism and Agnosticism were the most selected answers in the religion/philosophy question, adding up to around 3 out of 4 people.

+ Shinto
+ Catholicism
+ numerous
+ Humanist, Tim-Urban's-Truthism-aligned
+ Personal beliefs (no formal name (yet))
+ Witchcraft
+ Spiritualism
+ I have many religions
+ Satanic Temple
+ I am a member of The Satanic Temple, but I am agnostic.
+ apatheism
+ Unitarian
+ Unitarian Universalism
+ Autotheism
+ Discordianism
+ Unitarian Universalism
+ Omnism
+ A bit of the two
+ Religion is defunct
+ JW
+ Vaushism (/j)
+ jan sewi Elowin, or Yabefu. Kinda a branch of Abrahamism with my own takes on things.
+ Indigenous Religion(s)
+ Satanism (TST)
+ Druidry
+ Figuring it out
+ Spritualism
+ Satanist (TST), Atheistic
+ personal
+ Egoism (Stirner), Skepticism, Epicurianism
+ I used to think "unconvinced, open-minded" was Agnostic, until I learned its actual definition: belief that existence of a Deity _cannot_ be known. I'm not that confident about what other people may or may not know! So I guess I'm still just Unitarian, I guess: in the Christian humanist tradition but I'm not actually Christian either. (Did you hear the one about the Unitarian terrorists? They go around at night and burn question marks on people's lawns. 😜)
+ Satanist
+ none
+ esotericism/witchcraft
+ Mandalorian (bc of course)
+ i dont really know tbh
+ Israelite
+ Spiritualism
+ An ardent philosophy enthusiast
+ I don’t know honestly
+ Satanism (TST)
+ Still trying to figure that out.
+ skepticism, freethought, nihilism, ignosticism, ...
+ General Polytheist
+ Philosophical Taoist
+ Indigenous spirituality
+ not really a religious person, but I was born under a christian household
+ Pantheism
+ belief in God, no belief whatsoever in his followers. Jesus was a cool dude and role model.
+ Non-theistic Satanism
+ Nihilism
+ Druidism
+ Satanism
+ Pastafarian
+ As a science addict, I'm rather atheist in worldview, but I grew up in a Catholic setting hence the dualism
+ Considering Jewish conversion
+ Stoicism
+ Animism
+ I am still learning buddhism
+ Discordianism
+ numerous
+ Secular Humanism
+ I am spiritual but not adhere to any religion
+ Undecided/I never put too much thought into it.
+ does transhumanism-ish count?
+ Interested in Unitarianism
+ i do have interest in buddhism
+ Questioning
+ Pastafarianism
+ Antitheism
+ Abrahamic
+ Animism
+ Catholic
+ Discordianism
+ Secular
+ FSMism
+ Asatru. I use the runic alphabet when writing and will adapt it to tiki pona.
+ Quaker
+ Nihilism
+ nihilism maybe?
+ spiritual, but doesn't follow a specific religion
+ Occult
+ athiestic agnostic (mi sona ala e nimi ni pi toki pona)
+ ijo sewi li lon ma en ale lon poka pi mi mute
+ mi la sewi li lon ala. taso, ma li mama e ale li pona tawa ale. :)
+ nasin sewi li ike tawa mi.
+ sewi Earl
+ nasin pi jan Puta
+ nasin sewi li suli ala tawa mi
+ nasin Majiku
+ nasin Satan
+ mi toki e ni: sewi li ale
+ jan mute li sona ala e nasin mi. nasin mi li nimi ala
+ sewi li suli ala tawa mi
+ mi lon ma. ma li sike suli. tenpo pini suli la ijo li kama pakala. jan sona li nimi e ona sama ni: 'pakala suli'
+ sewi li lon nasin mute
+ mi olin e jan ante. mi olin ala e nasin sewi.
+ nasin Puta
+ Buddhist
+ mi wile kama sona e nasin sewi ali. mi la, nasin sewi mute li jo e olin pona.
+ jan toki pi jan Jawe
+ no religion
+ Pantheismus
+ Baha'i
+ FSM(날아다니는 스파게티 괴물교)
+ Ma religion est Contrapoints
+ En questionnement
+ Bahaa kredo
+ Kulto de la Dioj Romanaj
+ mi priesploras


How many languages do tokiponists know?

Around 50% of the people reported to know 3 or 4 languages (including Toki Pona). Around 5% said they know 7 or more languages, some of which could be other conlangs. In the spirit of Toki Pona, this was an ambiguous question and it was up to interpretation from the respondents to decide what it was meant by “knowing a language”. Some people suggested after the fact that we should have had a way to make this more granular, allowing to specify which languages you know very well and which ones you are learning. That’s a good point to take into account if this census is done again in a few years. You can also spot here how things concentrate towards a normal (or beta?) distribution. The Toki Pona chart is not so regular, possibly due to the reduced number of data points.

What languages do tokiponists know?

The original options of this question were chosen to be the languages that were spoken the most around the world. People could indicate other languages that they knew. For this graph, we used our originally provided answers and we also included languages that were mentioned with some frequency. Sorry if your language is not in the chart, in that case it appears below. Some people included several languages in this field, so we split them by commas and extracted the most common languages. The remaining parts of the answer are shown below the graphs. Some answers might sound weird because we removed the extracted data that was used for the graphs. The next question was about conlangs specifically, but some people replied with some conlangs in here. We have clustered them anyway too so the free-answer section is cleaner.

Almost every respondent reports to know English. There is a great variety of languages represented here.

+ Scottish Gaelic
+ Latvian
+ Lojban
+ toki Elinika - Greek - ελληνικά
+ Another Chinese Language
+ galician
+ Galician
+ toki Sepu(?)(Cebuano)
+ Persian
+ toki Nepali - Nepali - नेपाली. toki Ultu - Urdu - اردو.
+ tamil
+ toki Sumi
+ Klingon, Thai, Burmese, Jinghpaw
+ I am only fluent in English. If you know there languages, you're trilingual, if two you're bilingual, if one, you're American
+ depending on what you count then my conlangs
+ Armenian, German. (Various stages of learning them. Esperanto is the most proficient one)
+ toki Jawa - Javanese - basa Jawa
+ toki luka Alan - Irish Sign Language - N, A
+ toki Lomani - Romanian - Română, toki Mosijo - Hungarian - Magyar
+ Urdu, Telugu
+ toki Pokasi - Bulgarian - Български
+ toki Losupan - Lojban - lo jbobau
+ toki Sumi
+ toki Kaleko - Galician - Galego
+ toki Kasa - Kazakh - қазақ
+ Icelandic
+ Swedish Sign Language
+ toki Sawa - Javanese - ꦧꦱꦗꦮ
+ suomi
+ My Native Language
+ I can read, write Old English pretty well
+ Attic Greek, Middle Egyptian, Limited ! Xóõ
+ but im intermediate in some others
+ I'm learning Choctaw (Chahta Anumpa)!
+ Northern Sotho
+ Yiddish
+ Hebrew, Mando'a, Geonosian, I can write in Aurebesh does that count?
+ Punjabi
+ Vietnamese
+ toki Lawi
+ tamil, kannada
+ Some familiarity, but not enough to say I speak it.
+ Albanian
+ hebrew
+ toki Sulu - Zulu - IsiZulu
+ toki Sameka
+ toki Mosijo - Hungarian - magyar
+ , due to my native language being english, that's 5
+ toki Kosu - Corsican - Corsu
+ toki Tami
+ Urdu, Estonian
+ Cape Verdean Creole
+ Ingiish (conlang)
+ toki Mosijo - Hungarian - magyar
+ classical greek
+ toki Vije - Vietnamese - tiếng việt
+ Scots, Meänkieli
+ toki
+ Romanian
+ Hakka, Vietnamese
+ toki Seki
+ toki Iwisi - Hebrew - עִברִית
+ toki Taiuan
+ toki Sopisi
+ toki Lijatuwa - Lithuanian - Lietuvių
+ toki Sukosi - Scots - Lallans
+ Yiddish, Greek
+ Lithuanian
+ toki Wijosa - Viossa - Viossa
+ Swiss german
+ toki Pisaja - Cebuano - Bisaya
+ numerous of my cloŋs
+ toki Kalisa - Galician - Galego
+ (not all fluent)
+ toki Tawi - Thai - ภาษาไทย
+ Ancient Greek
+ toki Tosi (Deutsch) toki Jisi (יידיש)
+ toki elena majuna, toki enli (, inli majuna), toki nolen (, ilien majuna), toki kuta, toki kuma, toki awaki
+ Toki Isisi (Yiddish)
+ toki lawa mi li toki Netelan. mi ken lukin e toki Kanse e toki Tosi e toki pona. taso mi toki e toki Netelan e toki Inli taso.
+ Auslan
+ toki Pasi - Persian
+ toki Elena
+ toki Inli li toki mi. mi toki pi mute lili e toki Sonko. toki Kanse, toki Epanja la, mi toki ike mute a.
+ British Sign Language
+ toki Kinli, BSL
+ toki Lomani - Romanian
+ toki Sunta - Sundanese - basa Sunda)
+ Hausa
+ toki Kelika
+ ελληνικά, Ἀρχαία ἑλληνική
+ euskera
+ Vjossa
+ toki Isilan- Icelandic- Íslenska
+ Kroatisch, Quenya
+ Украинский
+ Беларуский, Украинский
+ 클링온어
+ 클링온어
+ Lombard
+ L'Anglais est ma langue maternelle mais j'étudie le français depuis deux ans mais je ne suis pas fluent
+ La manlingvo usona
+ io

What conlangs do tokiponists know?

Perhaps not surprisingly, a significant amount of people (around one out of three) knows at least another conlang besides Toki Pona. Esperanto being the most common one.

+ corón
+ There's one called Vyeshal, but it borders on being an English relex in terms of grammar, so I haven't included it.
+ Globasa
+ Fynotek, a personal language I created
+ The conlang i'm working on
+ elefen
+ i used to speak esperanto i just understand a few now
+ My conlang Vecinis
+ my friend has made about a dozen conlangs so im learning/know those
+ Interlingua
+ my conlangs, wishing to learn uwulang and learning toki ma
+ Interslavic
+ A pidgin hosted on a discord server
+ toki mi (my conlang)
+ sanila, Losa Ele, ailang, non-notable mine
+ My own.
+ Ido, Lingwa de Planeta
+ toki mi
+ I know a small bit of Esperanto and Laiqbun but do not know enough of either to communicate with anyone in it
+ I've gotten ok at Lojban, nothing like my fluency in Old English/Spanish
+ Toaq, Pandunia
+ I can speak in my own conlangs
+ Does mando'a count?
+ Interlingua
+ Interlingua
+ A pidgin hosted on a discord server
+ interested in learning others
+ numerous of my own
+ I want to be fluent in my own conlangs once I finish them.
+ My own conlang
+ Ido (but not really good,but a bit better than Esperanto like I don't have to worry about 'trista', etc. being a word)
+ Akyabak
+ Personal fictional language, Personal con-pidgin (a la Viossa)
+ Ygyde, it was the first conlang I ever heard about so I learned it.
+ Elefen (aka: lingua franca nova)
+ I started learning Viossa but didn’t get far, I also have made conlangs before.
+ No but I wish to learn Interslavic
+ personal conlang
+ Breadspeak, Sanila
+ Demlang (Snehék Blad)
+ Personal conlang
+ Ingiish
+ Láadan
+ I know my own conlang
+ peejosa
+ Studying Esperanto a little
+ Al Bakiyye
+ Scurpa (own conlang)
+ Kajlângvoj (Kajlaengvoi)
+ mi wile kama sona e toki Epelanto e toki Uwa
+ toki Wolapuki - Volapük
+ toki soweli (Hundish)
+ toki latan, toki lami liwa, toki sin tan mi, toki sin tan kulupu mi
+ taso tenpo pini la mi wile sona e toki Losupan
+ tenpo pini la mi pali e toki sin pi mi taso.
+ mi pali e toki sin mute
+ mi kama sona taso e toki ma e toki Epelanto.
+ mi wile toki e toki Epelanto
+ Abungue (grupo de amigos)
+ Cet
+ 키똑어(kittog)
+ What the actual fuck is uwulang.
+ Volus eklerni Loĵbanon kaj toki ma.
+ Ido
+ lidepla, interlingua

Free-answer section

We asked people to add anything else they wanted and we received quite a few answers. Some of them were feedback about the form, that was updated in real time while the census was running. Thanks everyone for participating and special thanks to those providing feedback!

+ I tried learning Toki Pona earlier this year, but forgot most of how it works, so my answers are kind of odd.
+ I'm a gay male and an anarcho-communist
+ Bees exist in all areas of spacetime.
+ I started reading the book, joined the discord, and promptly stopped studying the language or engaging in any media. I hope to start again soon.
+ I mean, I can put it anyways, but- no ala as default? srsly... Also, I am median, but I'm not comfortable with plural addressing. This includes kulupu. The main state is seli(syntropy)/jan/ijo/mije, as the shared identity is.
+ I run a Discord server where toki pona is at least text chatted and sometimes spoken.
+ the religion/philosophy question is inconsistent: it starts with words for people (“agnostic” and “atheist”), then there are words for religions (“christianity” and the others). i don’t like inconsistency but if you don’t want to fix it that’s ok
+ Political views would have been interesting to question
+ Love the surveys!
+ mi wile e sina li pona! (I’m meaning to say ‘I hope you’re well’ but I’m still learning)
+ My Facebook page: toki mi 2021
+ Perhaps a section on how you found out about Toki Pona might be interesting
+ The gender question is the only one where the divisions are drawn primarily by toki pona rather than in the language selected by the person filling out the survey. This can be (and is, for a few people I've shown the survey to) uncomfortable for trans people not in the toki pona community who do not know the history, nuance, and context of the gender labels presented and are often faced with difficulties when filling out gender in forms. I think it would be more fair to separate the toki pona from the survey-language (ie, offer both meli and woman, mije and man, tonsi and trans and nonbinary etc, ala and agender) to give people flexibility in their identifiers.
+ I would rephrase the question "how many language do you speak" to something else to be inclusive of ASL and other sign languages. Maybe "how many language do you know".
+ Maybe include a section about languages you are learning?
+ Well, I indicated all the languages that I have some knowledge of, even if the actuel knowledge varies. Dutch is my maternal language, English I learned through youtube and movies and I dare even say I am at a native speaker level. French I learned (and am still learning) at school. I am comfortable reading texts in French but I can't really converse or listen to it. German I am also learning at school, but since it is so close to Dutch I am comfortable speaking it, though I make mistakes once in a while. Spanish I am learning via Duolingo but I don't really count it as I haven't progressed very far. I would probably be able to find my way using broken Spanish but I would only be able to use two of the tenses
+ i find the implication that someone might learn to speak kay(f)bop(t) unimaginably amusing
+ I've been away from Toki Pona for some time, but plan on getting back to it soon.
+ I am learning toki pona very on-and-off, which is why I have known the basics since 2019, but can barely hold a conversation
+ jan misali very cool very epic very swag
+ I left some of the writing system questions blank because I /kind of/ know those writing systems but not well enough. In general, if I left something blank, I probably didn't know how to answer it
+ Since I don't talk to people in toki pona often, but use it mainly to scribble some sitelen sitelen in my notebooks, I can speak and write it much better than I can read and listen to it.
+ Didn't want to answer some questions in full for possible disclosure purposes
+ I would love resources for university students to start a toki pona club at college. While online lessons focus on individual learning, it'd be wonderful to have an instructional course for groups (with drills, conversational prompts and sample conversations, video or audio recordings, etc.)
+ I started learning toki pona but haven’t worked on it lately. I am also in the process of learning Hebrew, and I know a slight amount of Spanish, French, and ASL. I am not conversational in any of these languages.
+ I also use a slightly modified version of Canadian Syllabics for a writing system
+ I'm currently learning Japanese, Chinese, and Lojban (toki Nijon en toki Sonko en toki Lopan), but am not fluent in any. (I've been learning Japanese for a while, but I've just recently started Chinese, and I'm still reading the lojban book)
+ I like the structure of this survey, especially with the use optional sections and clearly worded questions.
+ suwi
+ fuck jan Misali skrr skrr also I ain't tryna give y'all my email but y'all should release the results in a while because this shit is interesting
+ Right now I don't feel like I can remember much because I haven't done anything with toki pona in months, but I think if I did a refresher I might feel a little more capable of reading/writing toki pona. My speaking level in Japanese is low conversational and in Chinese it's extremely basic, but I wasn't sure how to count how many languages I knew.
+ I have begun learning German, but I can't say that I speak it.
+ I actually don’t know much Japanese. I’m planning to learn it, though. I’m probably in the middle of Beginner and Learner. My pronouns are she/her and they/them. I felt like the census didn’t really ask about pronouns... My Discord ID is Lilstar#1104
+ Everything's fine for me, but you maybe should expand your language question, you missed a lot of big ones as german, italian, wu, jin, swahili, ...
+ A thousand thanks to those who put this census together!!!
+ Im plugging my video "morshu translated into toki pona" because i wanna make more lol
+ I struggle terribly with formal language learning, but can get on passably if immersed. I practice calligraphy, and appreciate non-Latin scripts. I have attempted to make my own conlangs in the past.
+ unpa mama sina a a a
+ the asterisk in the question below was confusing, i thought for a while that it meant that my email would be posted
+ I started learning then got busy but I want to get back into it when i graduate uni
+ Why are the natlang Latin and the conlang Interlingua not cited as possible choices ?
+ mi olin e toki pona
+ I've created the toki mi conlang in 2019.
+ The community is becoming super toxic and divided based on personally world views. I come here for toki pins not LGBT content or political content. I'm sick of it. I have had to actively dissuade people from the sub because it has lost sight
+ As for the question about writing systems, I also write Toki Pona in the Gothic alphabet. Like, the extinct East Germanic language.
+ This section could ask for a range from “don’t know” to “fluent” rather than just yes/no. I am taking French in school, so although I wouldn’t say I “know” it, I could probably read some French.
+ I wished the questions were numbered. For the question "which of these is true for you" - none of them were true for me. "I know X" or "I can read X" etc is a broad whole statement. I think that question should have been on a spectrum, like most of the other questions were. For the question "which writing system do you use?" I wished there was an "Other" option, so I could have added sitelen ko, which was not on the list.
+ I'm not fluent in russian but I am conversational
+ I’m learning French and am somewhat able to hold conversations in it but not near fluent so i didn’t mark it as a language i know
+ Nah, all is good :)
+ pona sina li pona tawa jan ale :-)
+ For a lot of these I felt like I spoke languages enough to say I speak them but just just barely. For example, while I say I know toki pona and I am probably somewhere in between learner and intermediate. I would say ik toki pona at a 4/10 lvl. Similarly, I’m very bad at Chinese, and I was very much on the line about whether to count it as speaking it.
+ I am not fluent in any of the languages I mentioned knowing above, except English.
+ Your option for speaking French is wrong. It should be français, not Française—the language is masculin, so no e, and not capitalized
+ You could have asked for political leanings - but perhaps that would be a disaster...
+ Hi
+ there should be a question to judge how gay toki pona is
+ My answers are not congruent because I am learning/have been learning multiple languages over the years but really only speak English to a comfortable conversational level. Esperanto is my next best language, but I am very actively learning Latin also, and perhaps Toki Pona. I only started Toki Pona a week ago, so can't say for sure yet.
+ I think it'd be interesting to include a question about political leaning/ideology.
+ Knowing peoples professions would be cool!
+ I'd love to be able to consume more entry-level content in order to improve my toki pona. I had a hard time finding quality audio/video resources of a beginner level.
+ I felt the Language questions were a bit all-or-nothing. e.g. I'm intermediate in Japanese so feel like I'm exaggerating saying I "speak" it. I've forgotten most but not all of Esperanto so left it off the list, even though I'm maybe still above beginner.
+ i speak german and polish beside toki pona but ive only started a month ago and idk how to translate that into toki pona
+ i really appreciated the gender question, you asked it in a really good way :)
+ We are plural, and also interested in learning Esperanto, ASL, Japanese, and French.
+ nop
+ 🦝
+ My languages other than english and toki pona are fairly weak.
+ This is a fun little language.
+ I think when I am speaking (or as of now just writing) Toki Pona, I feel more like a genderless happy penguin than in any other language.
+ blame jan Misali for me being here I promise I'll start properly trying to learn toki pona soon
+ In future, the region/continent question should either have an optional field if the participant answers "Other", or a field with suggested autofills (e.g. Africa, then Americas, then Asia, and so on if the participant types "A"). Besides this, having the Middle East and Indian subcontinent distinguished from Asia and Africa, but regions like - Latin America and the Caribbean not distinguished from North/South America, or - Melanesia, Micronesia or Polynesia from Oceania is inconsistent.
+ Nah, all is good
+ :^)
+ jhnuitefrñ4aksdmlmrikoeñhltgnaszdvjm :)
+ You probably don't know me. But when I was a young child I had a dream. And that dream was to work in the biggest factory in New York City. One day, aged just fourteen years of age, a man knocked on our door. He said that the factory was hiring. So I did what any entrepreneuring young boy did and took the opportunity. The factory was tall and grey, and seemed to be from another world. As I passed the gates, I waved goodbye to my mother. Inside the factory there were long lines of workers at conveyor belts. Each worker had a machine beside them, and a set of containers. What were they working on, I wondered. The answer soon became clear. As I looked at the containers closer, I made out the shape of countless books, each freshly printed and bound. My eyes followed the lines of workers to the far wall of the factory, at which point I felt a cold shiver down my spine. On the left hand wall of the factory, in angular industrial letters some twenty yards tall, was written just one word. "pu". My heart sank. This was it. I had been chosen to join them. This was their most treasured text. The Book itself. On the far wall of the factory, some seventy or so yards away, was a large screen, covering the entire height of the interior. Everyone in the factory fell silent. The screen lit up with a person's face. The person began speaking in a language that seemed familiar to me. What was the language called again? it was hard to remember such facts these days. The powers that be had kept what could only be described as a low profile, if that phrasing wasn't so painfully ironic. Such power over society yet most people barely knew their name, and the name of their language that was so central to their ideology. Something to do with talking, I thought. A few workers began to notice me, giving me disapproving looks. What was the name of the party? I struggled to remember. Something to do with "good", I knew that much. That was a key tenet of their ideology (which ideology doesn't have some definition of good?). I began sweating as more and more of the workers began to notice me there, lost in my own thoughts, wondering who exactly these people were, who manufactured these books for the masses. Our family could never afford them, of course, and my father was always very skeptical of them, saying that this was "literally 1984", whatever that meant. Some reference to an Old Times thing, I suppose. At school, we never directly read "pu". We discussed it a bit, but their ideology was more subtle, you didn't need to state it bluntly. I was most likely the only person in this entire building who didn't know the name of the most powerful group in existence. Some of the security guards had begun to notice what was going on, and began to head in my direction. Sweating as I tried to recall the name, I looked back at the screen. I fell to my knees as I saw what was written. I now remembered it all, for on the screen was writen ma pona pi toki pona
+ I'm plural
+ also occasionally create stuff in/using/involving toki pona
+ a lot of my responses in reality are more "kinda" than the form allows me to say. I'm fluent in portuguese and english, but fairly shaky, if somewhat conversational, in german and spanish. on the part which asked whether I could read, write, listen to, speak toki pona, I answered on the basis that I had a dictionary at hand, and that my conversations would be with friends who could wait while I build a sentence. also I discovered r/mi_lon via this form so thanks!
+ i am plural, and glad to see many other plural tp speakers :]
+ .
+ It is not accurate to say Im not interested in other toki pona sign languages, I just didn't know others existed but that's not an option.
+ note: we are plural, so if something that was filled in seems self-contradicting, that is probably because that applies to different headmates
+ Well ... define "know a language." I'm not really fluent in any language other than English (except maybe Mandarin) but I do know a few.
+ If my email will be shared when the results are posted, please remove it from my submission.
+ I learned toki pona's grammar with jan misalis course, but recommend learning the vocab alongside sitelen pona I used nasin sona musi by JamesMoulang, it's a great game
+ I'm not fluent in French and I learnt toki pona 2 weeks ago.
+ hello I hope you have a lovely day :]
+ It's almost 2am and i gotta get up at 7 tomorrow :'(
+ Nice.
+ My French and Spanish are pretty rudimentary: I could ask directions but would struggle to understand a fluent response. I am also learning Japanese, and sometimes studying German, but I can't claim to "speak" them yet, beyond a few phrases.
+ Great idea to make something like this :) I'm exited for the results
+ I hope we can get sitelen pona into unicode
+ I would like to see.more cultural questions and a wider variety of subjects areound lived experiwnce.
+ So sad that jan Pije’s course was taken down. I’ve dabbled in 12 days by jan Misali and a couple of others, and IMO despite its flaws jan Pije’s was the best toki pona learning resource.
+ toki pona pi pu li pona mute. toki pona pi pu ala li ike tawa mi.
+ sina pona :)
+ mi wile pana e ni: mi kepeken ala sitelen Lasin taso. kin la mi kepeken e sitelen Kanujapa. ᓂ ᓕ ᐆᓇ. ᒥ ᓚ, ᑏᓐᐴ ᐱ ᑲᒪ ᓲᓇ ᐄ ᑑᑭ ᐴᓇ ᓚ, ᒥ ᐸᓕ ᐄ ᓯᑏᓖᓐ ᓂ. (ni li ona. mi la, tenpo pi kama sona e toki pona la, mi pali e sitelen ni)
+ toki ma, toki Panla, toki sin ante
+ ijo lili taso: lipu pi toki pona taso la, wile sona sina pi nasin sitelen la, toki Inli li lon nimi suli
+ mi jan Olipija :D. jan Tamalu o, sina pona mute a tan ni: sina pali mute e ni. mi pini ala e ona la, sina kama sina pini e ona. jan pali ale en jan pi ante toki ale o. sina ale pi pali e ni la, sina pona mute a kin! <3 <3 <3
+ ala
+ ala.
+ sina pona mute tan ni: sina pali e lipu sona ni!
+ gaming apeja li mi apeja li mi jan li olin pakala e mi li pakala e mi akesi
+ mi wile kama sona e toki mute.
+ mi wile
+ nimi "ilo Siko" li ike. ona li ilo Tiko
+ ala wile :)
+ pona tawa sina!
+ Yiddish
+ o pona
+ I have found that language learning has therapeutische benefits. I'm on the ASD spectrum and learning to de and Eo has helped me a slot in relating to others and understand them in various way. Example: Unclear speach emotions.
+ wile sona pini la sina wile sona e jan tawa nimi kepeken ona pi pu ala. lon ni la sina pana e nimi pi mute lili tawa nimi pi pu ala. wan ni li "kin." wile mi la sina o sona e ni: nimi "kin" li lon lipu pu. wile sona ante la mi kama sona e toki Sonko. taso mi wile ala toki e ni: mi ken sona pona e ona. ken toki pona pi toki Sonka la mi ike.
+ mi gay.
+ toki legalese li sitelen kepeken toki pona la ona li ike.
+ wile
+ mi wile toki e ni: kulupu ni li jo e olin mute. lon ma pona la, toki tawa jan ante li pona tawa mi
+ ala
+ guapos tos
+ Conoci el idioma en un video de youtube
+ Tengo mis propios conlangs, que puedo hablar fluídamente.
+ Se han mencionado el consumo de contenidos en Toki Pona. He respondido que no consumo ninguno, pero el hecho es que como soy nueva en la comunidad, no los conocía. Debería haber una pregunta sobre si "si eres nuevo, conoces algún contenido en toki pona?" Para poder representar mejor el que quizás sí que queremos ver videos o lo que sea en Toki Pona, pero no sabíamos que existen
+ Mi nivel es apenas elemental, pues llevo un par de horas de aprendizaje. Me gusta cómo suena el lenguaje.
+ sina pona ^o^ soweli Tailsray
+ мне теперь очень интересно, существует ли кулупу Лоси пи токи пона, русское комьюнити токипоны, можете помочь?
+ politics: left oriented
+ Mi pensas, ke Tokipono estus pli bona se ĝi havus pli da vortoj. Pro tio, mi vere volas lerni paroli Tokimaon.

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